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 Campaign Introduction

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PostSubject: Campaign Introduction   Campaign Introduction Icon_minitimeTue Mar 08, 2011 8:20 pm

The Exalted of SolTerra

You are special. For some of you, you always have been: maybe you were born into a rich and powerful family, or maybe you had outbursts of magical energy as a toddler, or maybe you were born with a dragon-shaped birthmark. For others, you didn't realize your potential until later in life: maybe it was a burst of strength and valor during the heat of battle that tipped you off, or an innate knowledge of something you had never heard of before, or the ease with which you melt into the shadows made you realize you were more than just an average member of your society. In any case, you soon became somewhat of a local legend. Some of you became heroes, others the stuff of nightmares, and perhaps some became nothing more than folklore as few had ever seen you in person.

One moon ago today, you received an anonymous message, each of you in a different fashion. Perhaps a young crier came to see you, or a paper arrived disguised as a letter of mark from your nation's king, or perhaps it came in a dream. The wording varied by context, but each contact contained the following statement:

Gather Together on the Next New Moon
In the Ruins of Morroc
and Set Forth
to Awaken the Forgotten Gods.
You May Keep the Power You Take From Them
I Wish Only to See the World Live Again.
Remember, Remember...

The adventure begins at the gates of Morroc, the dusty old ruins of a long-forgotten desert castle town, where nine strangers meet to begin a journey to the ends of the world.

the world of SolTerra

SolTerra is flat. Of course it is. Everyone knows that. Ask anyone what the nations of SolTerra are, and they'll tell you: "Well, there's the United Lands, obviously. And Leode, to the southwest. Then there's Xheng, in the east, and, um... Oh! Norfax and Surfax, the icelands. And then... oh hells, there's two more. One starts with an M. Ymir, is one of them. And there's a bit of Leode that wants to be its own nation, called Aquilon, but it doesn't really count. So there you go, Seven nations, plus Aquilon, one of which I can't remember." Then they'll shrug, and wander away.

United Lands -- capital: Demacia

The United Lands are a large federation that take up about half of the most populated continent on SolTerra. It is a rich and prosperous nation that trades largely in native furs, manufactured goods, and military matters. The capital, Demacia, is generally considered to be the "headquarters" of the most popular religion on the planet, worship of the sun god Pelor. The people of the United Lands are seen by the rest of the world as very much the stereotypical paladin: muscular, wearing expensive shiny armor, and woefully naiive in their view of justice and their fervor to enforce it. Either that, or lazy and dumb, having long since forsaken interest in learning for the sake of working in service industries and playing games.

Leode -- capital: Tan Gorsedd

Leode is the nation that takes up the south half of the populated continent. Leode is comprised of five nation-states: Lycia, a farmer's paradise with rich, sweeping plains; Aegea, a culturally advanced seafaring state whose constant cycle of drought and floods makes them especially hardy and deeply philosophical; Arachaea, a state tucked deep into the heart of the deep forest Eigenwood, where if the spiders don't kill you by the time you get to Caer o Tragwydd Cysgod, the people sure will; Bern, a diplomatic stronghold in the highest peaks of Wyrmhaven where money talks, and Arwyn, the capital of the empire, a militant state that holds the other four in an iron fist. Leode is also home to the anarchist Aquilonians, who resist the empire with all of the strength of a drowning man trying to fight a shark.

Norfax - capital: Prox

Norfax is the wide, sweeping permafrost at the northern edge of the world. Some say that men go mad at the border of Norfax, staring out into nothing. Others claim that the deeply religious will travel to Norfax just to throw themselves off the cliffs and into the arms of their god. Whatever the case, Norfax is a forbidding place any further north than its southernmost peninsula, which is home to the city of Prox and most of the rest of the population. Prox is a very wealthy city due to its convenient trade routes between Xheng and the United Lands, but most of the rest of the Norfax people live in frozen squalor.

Xheng - capital: Eldwist

Xheng is the oldest nation in the world and also the largest, if you ignore the parts of Norfax and Surfax that are unlivable. Theirs is a deep and many-layered culture, where the smallest of gestures can mean the difference between a respectful bow and a curse upon their children. Xheng was also once widely considered to be the most knowledgable nation, their vast libraries famous world-wide among scholars. Lately, though, Xheng has started to move away from its intellectual roots and towards a more industrial society, in many ways sacrificing its true value for material wealth

Surfax - capital: Imil

Surfax is very similar to Norfax in almost all ways: its northernmost peninsula thrives and the rest of its land mass is a frozen desert. Imil does not enjoy the same prosperous trade routes as Prox, but it makes up for this with the vast reserves of natural resources in the heart of Surfax - gold, diamonds, the world's best steel, and magicite - an ore used to synergize raw magical energy with mechanical devices to create most of the world's most advanced technology. Despite their material wealth, Surfax suffers from a great deal of poverty, as the people of Imil have a nasty tendency to take their earnings and flee north into the forests of Ymir in an effort to make it to Kharlon and live high on the hog for generations.

Ymir - capital: Kharlon

Ymir is located on the smallest continent in SolTerra and is covered almost entirely by jungle. There are thousands of tiny societies that live within the jungle in groups of one hundred at best, living off the land and occasionally making the trek out to northern Ymir to trade godos from the hunt for weapons, armor, clothing or shelter items. Once you leave the jungle, however, it's like a completely different country. Northern Ymir is in perfect position to trade with Leode, Demacia, and southern Xheng, and ships from Kharlon frequently sail around the horn to get to Imil and trade cheap food and furs, both high commodities in Imil, for their precious resources. The only thing keeping Ymir from being a world superpower is its poor military presence in comparison to the United Lands, Leode and Xheng, as well as its deep nationwide devotion to its pacifistic and nature-worshiping religion, which forsakes the use of magic for any means other than interaction with the earth. Still, the nation is arguably as wealthy as the United Lands and certainly on par with Xheng and Leode.
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Campaign Introduction
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