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 Session Summaries

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PostSubject: Session Summaries   Thu Mar 10, 2011 7:26 pm

This thread will be short summaries of what happened in each session. So that if we need to recall anything, it is here. This isn't for character diaries, please use a separate thread for that, so we can keep this nice and clean.

Session 1 (10/3)

Party consists of:
Kysene (Gnoll Druid)
Najila (Human Barbarian)
Arthiel (Elven Wizard)
H*^@$# (Kobold Sorceror)
Ector (Dwarf Ranger)
Kearney (Elven Cleric)

The party started in front of the ruins of Morroc with a man named Vincent who said that the ruins were once a thriving metropolis. Appart from this, Vincent didn't acutally give any useful information, but we all got the feeling that both he and the ruins had always been there. Always.
Upon flying overhead, Kysene discovered that the temple (which looked spectacular from the front) was nothing but a pile of rocks. Furthermore when the others walked in, they disappeared. Detect magic spells confirmed a large amount of sorcery.

Inside the temple, the party found some secret rooms and a few skeletons. The skeletons were fairly easily dispatched (although Arthiel did manage to hit Najila with a fire spell instead of the skeletons) and Kysene went to open a chest in the corner. Upon opening this chest, she was hit by a lightning bolt from a Rod of Wonder (and 600 butterflies). Kysene took the rod of wonder, and thus ended the first session.

Reminder to Tom: We didn't collect experience for the skeleton fight.
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PostSubject: Re: Session Summaries   Thu Mar 10, 2011 8:38 pm

As long as no one plans on using their experience points for Crafting or something like that, I'd just as soon not give out exp and just say "go up a level."

=D Glad you all had fun!
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PostSubject: Re: Session Summaries   Thu Mar 17, 2011 7:20 pm

Session 2 (17/3)
Moving onto the next room after the skeletons, the party found a strange looking circle in middle of the floor, which was discovered to be a summoning circle. The ceiling was covered in chains which began to ripple and shake as the party walked further into the room.
There were three doors on different walls in the room that all had symbols similar to the one on the floor. The southern door had a circular area of it missing. On the northern wall, there were 2 unopenable boxes (stepping near them made Najila and Ector hear whispers). After advancing too far into the room, the chains became very restless and a chain demon was summoned. With some lucky rolls, the party took him out (however, the summoning circle damaged some party members who were in melee range, and reduced wisdom).
The death of the demon also destroyed the summoning circle. We discovered a map of the world on one of the walls, which was copied down. The map had six symbols on the continents.

The northern door opened into a library of mostly blank books. Kearney noted that the blank pages were knowledge that had been forgotten.

The eastern door opened into a shrine of some sorts. Six statues were spaced in alcoves along the walls, and each had a symbol (corresponding to symbols on the map). It seems to be a forgotten pantheon. The statues are:
Martel the Rejection S
Daviel the Cowardice ^
Corrine the Ignorance +
Wolf the Aggression C
Francis and Meghan the Avarice U
Martin the Introversion ?

After much searching, poking, prodding, kicking and frustration (and a push from Vincent), the party eventually decided to leave this dungeon and head for the closest temple on the map - a temple of Francis and Meghan the Avarice.

I'm going to open a thread for in character discussion while we're travelling. If Mr. DM decides that nothing noteworthy will happen on the journey, then we could always start the next session near the shrine on the map. Please advise on that, Tom.
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PostSubject: Re: Session Summaries   Mon Mar 28, 2011 6:42 am

Quick update for last week's since I forgot over the weekend.

We found some horses and a wagon left for us by Vincent. We're on our way to the Xheng capitol, which is at the same point on the map that the temple for Francis and Meghan is. Along the way, we stopped at two impoverished towns. The first we merely rode through and kept going. But the second involved a drink at the tavern, Kearney wanting to overthrow the Mayor since he was syphoning gold for the town and using it for himself, and subsequent 'overthrow' involving very good cake and us being kicked out of town.

On the way out, H*^@$# decided to steal some iron ore from the town's factory, so the mayor attacked him and anyone left in town. This resulted in the kobold dying. Kysene almost dying, Gryak (the bat) being shrunk, and a lot of drunken commoners. Fortunately, Vincent appeared and revived the kobold and Kysene. Kearney made some drunken attempts at trying to soothe the Mayor, and somehow we all got out of there unscathed (with a competant version of the Mayor's wife restoring Gryak and covering our sorry hides as we fled). After this heroic encounter, we rested to meditate on what we'd learned and advanced in our adventuring capabilities.

A week or so later, we arrived at the gates to the capitol...

Oh, and mention must be made of Ector's stylish sunnies. Which also seem to grant some sort of truevision.
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PostSubject: Re: Session Summaries   Thu Apr 21, 2011 8:11 pm

For those of you who missed last weeks session:

We travelled back to the temple that was never there and after initial difficulties on how to enter a temple that was never there we decided to just walk through the front door...

Remember the skeletons we battled the first time we were there? One of them came back to life and tried to ambush us. Artiel tried to use the sigil to turn it to stone but failed miserably because she forgot to pray out loud to Frances and megan :\

We unlocked the door in the chain demon room by placing the sigil in the hole, which led to a room with four doors: one on each side of the walls.

After taking the door directly opposite us (I think) Nigela fell into a hole (again) and we were ambushed by four ninja constructs (I can't remember the names of them for the life of me). After coming within an inch of the entire party being wiped out, Nigela being turned into a giant raging tree who wanted to kill everything in sight, and Arthiel deciding she really liked turning people into stone once she got the incantation right, the battle was concluded with us the victors. Those of us who were there levelled up to level 9 and Arthiel looted a ninja mask off one of the construct bodies.

Oh yes and we finally found out about Ector's glasses, much to his trying to keep it a secret.

feel free to correct me if I forgot anything Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Session Summaries   

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Session Summaries
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